Aria Vent Drywall Lite Frame

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Our super-easy-install alternative to the Drywall Lite Bead. Designed specifically for wall and ceiling supply air registers. Complete with a top mount frame that sits on the surface. Our easiest install, made for DIYers.

*Do not use on floors. This model is only graded for wall and ceiling surfaces.

Make sure you have the right size vent: SIZE GUIDE

  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Consult your HVAC specialist to ensure Aria is right for your system.
  • Can be installed anytime. Super easy DIY install.
  • Use only on wall and ceiling surfaces.
  • Air Flow - No air flow control - vent remains open at all times.
  • Easy Cleaning - Pop out inner plate for easy duct cleaning.
 Specifications + Install Guides
  • Material - ABS plastic